Animal magic at Cassiobury Farm – Did you know there are Wallabies in Watford?

A couple of weeks ago I received a tweet alerting me that there were monkeys in Watford – Intrigued I checked out the website for Cassiobury Farm and found that not only are there monkeys but a whole range of exotic wildlife living at the farm from Wallabies to Reindeer so popped down to the open day this Saturday to meet some of the inhabitants.

I could have easily spent several hours exploring all the different areas of the farm and visiting the huge range of animals,The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly with lots of attendants around to ask questions too, and the animals all appeared healthy and well cared for.

My two favourite animals were the Capybara and the Pelicans. It was the first time I’d seen a Capybara which is the largest rodent in the world – it looks like a hamster that has been fed some of George’s Marvellous Medicine and grown to 200 times the size. I really enjoy animals facts so I was very pleased to see a helpful information sign that informed me that the Capybara is very social, semi aquatic and can weigh up to 14 stone! The Pelicans live on a lake with a small island in the middle of it, and watching them swim around chasing ducks made me feel like I was on holiday somewhere tropical.

There was also a farm shop selling produce including lots of different types of eggs including guinea fowl, turkey and quail so a purchased 12 eggs of the free roaming quails and will be attempting to make mini scotch eggs for dinner tonight. The farm is open two more days this summer and I would recommend visiting especially if you have small children who like animals.


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